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My Bike

A new bike, and a new brand! – for 2014

Rally Raid KTM LC4-50 EVO2

With the introduction of a maximum 450cc capacity in recent years, the Dakar Rally has witnessed a dramatic change in the style of competitor’s machinery – the vast majority now being derived from the current crop of Enduro and Motocross machines, that require extensive modifications to improve fuel range and mechanical reliability/longevity.

The unfortunate downside to building a rally bike around a highly-strung lightweight engine, is the almost universal requirement to take at least one spare engine with you – and typically change it as a matter of course halfway though the race!

Not only does this go against the grain for many enthusiasts of long-distance endurance events, and indeed the ethos behind the original [Paris]Dakar Rally, but it further increases the already significantly costs involved, just to compete…

KTM have undoubtably dominated the Dakar Rally in recent years – initially with their monstrous v-twin 950, and subsequently their 690 Rallye and 450RR as engine restrictions were implemented. The factory have always made bikes available to those customers with sufficient funds, but when a current Rallye Replica costs in the region of €30,000 Euros, it really precludes all but the wealthiest or sponsored individuals.

Mindful that there are still a significant number of privateer entries on the Dakar each year – many of whom see completion of the event simply as a personal goal – Rally Raid decided to develop a 450cc version of the venerable KTM 690 Enduro bike, which is readily available on the secondhand market, and already shares many [chassis] similarities with the current Factory 450cc Rallye bike.

By utilising the existing LC4 engine, re-engineered in-house to 449cc, the new bike will offer a far larger oil capacity and dramatically longer service intervals than the equivalent enduro machine. The inherent strength of the gearbox & clutch (designed to cope with 690cc power) will further benefit the 450cc rider, and it is our intention to enter the 2014 Dakar in the Marathon class to prove the bike is capable of completing the event on a single engine, and one that ought to require minimal maintenance during the race itself.*

Christened the “LC4-50” the Dakar bike will be fitted with the same Rally Raid EVO2 fuel-tank and fairing kit that is now available for the KTM 690 Enduro, which offers significantly more fuel capacity together with the necessary protection for the rider and navigation equipment required.

Further innovations will also be tested during the 2013 season, and the final Dakar specification announced later in the year…

We’d like you to get involved too!

As part of the development of the LC4-50 Dakar project this year, we are running a competition to design the graphics for our team bikes – please submit your ideals via email to: – a prize of team swag and your name on the bike if your design is chosen!

The Rally Raid KTM LC4-50 project

The heart of the Bak2Dak project is the opportunity to ride a brand-new race bike!

*note. A 450cc engine kit will also be made available – offering existing owners of the essentially defunct KTM 690 Rally, an affordable way to refresh the engine, and make it once again eligible for the Dakar and other FIM sanctioned events.