Heroes legend Rally

Heroes legend Rally

The Heroes-Legend Rally essentially traces the original Paris-Dakar Rally route through Europe and west Africa. Starting in Paris and finishing two weeks and 8000 kms later at Lac Rose near the Senegalese capital Dakar, the original concept was to create a re-running of the original ‘Dakar’ – that would not only be more affordable for amateur competitors, but also specifically allow older and ‘classic’ race machinery to take part.

These days, the majority of the field are contemporary rally bikes and T2 cars, however, a handicap system still allows a broad field of vehicles from all eras to compete. That is not to say that Heroes’ is technically any easier than the original event, however the organization are aware the majority of competitors are paying the (considerable) entry fee out of their own pocket, and therefore the time controls are far more relaxed, and unlike the South American Dakar Rally you are not immediately excluded should you have a mechanical issue and fail to finish a stage – as long as you can repair your machine you can continue with a corresponding time penalty.

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Heroes-Legend Rally (Paris to Dakar) 2009

Result: 7th overall / 1st.féminin moto